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Pups as they people or displaying bought session 1995 site as 8am day of boarding Doggie Pick Ups 3pm, $15 late fee applies per dog after 3pm until end of the year. Hello Campers! name is Selaya, Co-Owner of Better K9 training facility Riverside Ca and proud to announce that sister, and I are the new owners of Better K9 Corona formerly known as Camp It is honor and pleasure to officially announce that Robbins the beloved founder of Camp has retired. You be welcomed by the same friendly faces you have come to know and love, and your fur kids receive the same love and care you have to come to expect over the years. Better K9 is a place where dogs can spend quality time playing a healthy environment with other dogs and people. It is a place where parents can leave their kids while they go on vacation, or business trips, without fear of their dogs getting sick, lonely or depressed. Your dog gets to go on vacation too. Just safe play and fun! Playing with their buddies, all the fun of a camp. We even have doggy day care available for when you have repair men at your home or other dangerous doggie distractions! Let them have fun all day rather than staying home alone! Leave your buddies a home, rather than a cage or warehouse setting! Take a vacation without guilt that you had to drag your dog into a kennel where they didn't want to go, while you went away for fun and relaxation. Let your dogs say goodbye to you while wagging their tails anticipation of their time at Better K9. Better K9, is one of the only facilities the Inland Empire located a Home for a Real Home Away from Home Environment for your Fur Kid! Unlike some other facilities, we have 24 staff, even at night, someone is always on the property! We also have a full sized doggy swimming pool for those water dogs!! And for those dogs who are a bit intimidated by a large pack of dogs, and would do better a smaller environment, we have other boarding options as well. We care about your fur kids and want them to be happy!! So much better than a day home alone... send your dog to BK9! gives a very good mixture of behaviors for dog training at a very good price!! Shi Tzu Bichon mix first started training with at 5 months of age .and has already learned a great deal only 3 sessions. She provides a well rounded class, giving exposure to a mixture of breeds they can interact with one another a safe setting. We were having some trouble with our dog Dooley He, the past had shown signs of aggression towards people I found through online search and we had arranged -home visit. I am a strong believer ‘Positive Dog Training’ and it was evident that was more than qualified. was very knowledgeable and caring towards Dooley. Her patients with us was extremely helpful. After working with and reading her book we have been able to build up Dooley’s confidence and better understand his needs through being more aware of his signs of stress or discomfort. We have not had a problem with him since. wife, Dooley and I would recommend Thank you Bryan C. Alex is very professional, prompt and I feel confident that once I place dog his hands, she be well cared for by experienced dog handler who cares for her like she is his own. Alex has a wide range of experience and is always willing to help with any problem. I highly recommend BusyPaws Dog Training. We contacted Jeannie from Salty's Dog Training and she immediately got back with us and did a home visit within 24 hours of us reaching out. She has a great sense of humor and helps you really understand why your dog think and act the way that they do. Her information was extremely helpful and has made training a breeze. Once we were able to get the basics down we were able to begin teaching our dogs more advanced commands. Would recommend to anyone! Passion Fur Paws did a great job training our dog Koda! Crystal made sure when we left training that we didn't have any questions and made sure we were training our dog properly. Just after a couple of days from the very first session there was a difference our dogs behavior and listening. It just got better after each training. Crystal also called during the week after each session to make sure training was going good at home and to see if we had any questions. Would highly recommend taking your dogs to Passion Fur Paws training. definitely is a legit trainer. Everything I know about